Player Of The Game Fundraiser For Youth Sports

Youth Fitness Organization Looks to Gift $100,000 to Local Teams

Athletic Revolution Leominster Rewards Sports Participants

Many grown men look back fondly to their Little League days and remember when they received the “game ball” from their coach after a job well done.

Receiving this honor was a big deal. Everyone on the team, parents too, gathered around the coach. The kids knew what was coming and eagerly anticipated hearing their name called.

They wanted that game ball.

The little gifts associated with the honor, such as the free voucher for a hot dog, weren’t too shabby either.

Athletic Revolution, Leominster’s only fitness facility dedicated exclusively to youth fitness and athletic development, is looking to make this honor even sweeter.

“What we want to do is donate as many as one thousand $100 gift cards to local sports leagues, high school and middle school teams,” said Jim Herrick, owner and head coach of Athletic Revolution Leominster.

That sure beats a hot dog!

“The reason we are doing this is two-fold. First, we want to give parents the opportunity to send their kids to our fitness and sports camps and classes for free,” said Herrick. “In these rough economic times, many children are unable to experience high quality sports training.”

“Second, we are looking to build relationships within the community. The partnerships we’ll be able to create with our ‘Player of the Game’ campaign will allow us to give back, both in the form of charitable donations to youth organizations and in terms of youth fitness education.”

Athletic Revolution is actively involved in working with youth sports organizations, school teams, and volunteer coaches in Leominster and its surrounding towns in order to provide free clinics at practices on topics ranging from dynamic warm-ups to injury prevention to sports nutrition.

“If we could afford to give away more than $100,000, we would do it in a heartbeat,” said Herrick. “The more people kids we are able to reach with this campaign, the better served our young athletes will be.”

If you are a school administrator, youth sports leader, or local coach and would like to participate in the “Player of the Game” campaign or schedule an Athletic Revolution coach for a free clinic, contact Coach Jim Herrick at 978-798-1391.

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