Jim Herrick – Head Coach and Owner

Jim Herrick runs Athletic Revolution programs out of his Power Source Training Center facility in Leominster, MA.   Jim is certified through the IYCA as a Youth Speed & Agility Specialist (Level 2) and Youth Fitness Specialist (Level 1).  He’s also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (National Strength & Conditioning Association) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Jim’s passion to help athletes reach their long-term goals first took him to St Bernard’s high school, where he spent seven years helping their football players train throughout the off-season.   He then went on to Cushing Academy, where he was given the opportunity to work with their nationally ranked boys and girls ice hockey teams.  As the years went by, Jim became began helping athletes from almost all the Cushing sports teams in some way.

Believing that younger athletes need a facility that caters specifically to their unique age and sports-related needs,  Jim opened his Leominster facility in September 2010.    Just one year later, in September of 2011,  he joined forces with the Athletic Revolution family to become its 33rd franchise location (now it is over 200).

The AR partnership grew out of a critical philosophical similarity that both organizations have – build a child’s confidence and habits just as much as you build their physical skills.  Jim believes strongly that young athletes need to develop a great work ethic, an ability to focus on details, and a true dedication to their development if they are to achieve long-term success.    They also need plenty of positive attention, guidance, and encouragement from their coaches so they can train in an uplifting and motivating atmosphere.

This approach has helped develop many of the best athletes to come out of our region over the last 10 years.  Some of Jim’s former and current members play in the NFL, NHL, and MLS, or participated in the Olympic Games.  Dozens of others have gone on to receive Division I college scholarships in their chosen sports (for ice hockey, football, basketball, track, field hockey, baseball, and soccer).

Despite graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering, Jim immediately turned his career focus to coaching.  Before starting at St. Bernard’s, he completed an internship at MVP Sports Center in Anaheim, CA where he learned many cutting-edge training protocols that were way ahead of their time.

Jim’s focus today is on providing the best opportunities for kids -athletes and non-athletes – in the Leominster community and its surrounding towns to build their self-confidence, health, and athletic abilities.  His vision of creating a powerful force for our region’s youth is becoming a reality as more and more athletes choose Athletic Revolution Leominster as their training home.


Jeff Flowers - Assistant Coach

We are fortunate to have one of the top local sports coaches and youth mentors working with us part-time.  Jeff has coached football, baseball and basketball in Leominster and other surrounding communities for over 30 years.  In that time he has positively impacted the lives of thousands of kids, many of whom still fondly remember their time playing for him decades ago.  ‘Coach Flowers’ is a legendary name for those who grew up playing sports around here during the 80′s and 90′s.  Most of the week he works as a supervisor for JobCorps in Ayer, MA, but we are fortunate to have him here every Friday.

As upbeat and energetic as any coach you’ll ever meet, no one is better than Coach Flowers at making a kid feel great about themselves.  He’ll work to find out who you are, what you do, and what matters to you within minutes usually, and takes a true interest in the success of every athlete he meets.


Shane Donnelly- Assistant Coach

Shane graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst as a biology major, with the long-term goal of going medical school and working in the field of health.   In preparation to work in the fitness field, Shane became certified as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer immediately upon graduating college.  And despite having played football and basketball in high school, he somehow displays some serious soccer tennis skills.

Shane has a real ability to connect with our athletes, and in making them truly feel comfortable being a part of our program. Having now been here for over a year, he also has a deep understanding of how our program should be run and uses a very friendly approach to create an excellent blend of fun with hard work in our sessions.


Devon Smith – Assistant Coach/Adult Fitness Specialist

Devon holds an exercise science degree from Plymouth State University, and a former intern in our program back in the summer of 2012. His athletic background is in football, wrestiling, and lacrosse, with lacrosse being his main focus in college.  Since graduating, Devon has taken up competitive powerlifting as his new sport, putting up impressive numbers and winning a handful of competitions already in his career.

He has a true passion for the knowledge-side of strength & conditioning, and has as much knowledge about fitness and athletic development as any young coach you’ll find.  His skill in teaching the more technical exercises in our program gives our athletes a unique competitive advantage over those who do not understand how to train correctly.


Kitty Doskocil - Assistant Coach/Customer Service

Kitty has the unique challenge of being both a front desk administrative assistant and performance coach all at the same time. She earned her kinesiology degree from Gordon College and excelled as a sprinter on the track team, but that in no way could have prepared her for the madness of taking on both roles here!

She is a high energy and personable coach who does an incredible job of relating to our younger athletes and female participants. Kitty also is extremely creative in her approach to running our Champion classes, finding ways to pack in as much age-appropriate speed, strength and coordination training in to a one hour class as you could possibly imagine.


Chris Kibler – Assistant Coach/Speed & Conditioning Specialist

Chris received his exercise science degree from Fitchburg State University, and was named an All-American as a distance runner on their track team last spring. On top of coaching with us at Power Source, he is now an assistant track coach at FSU.  In his few remaining free hours, Chris is also a licensed massage therapist and uses our facility to work with his clients on that side, as well.

Chris helps us to run our speed and conditioning classes, blending a strong background in that area with a summer of intense study on how we execute this program. He has an extremely friendly and approachable demeanor, making it easy for him to build connections with our kids and make them feel more a part of our community.